Tidying up

My living room is really bothering me now, so I’m going to have to spend some time tidying the place up. The first order of business will be to buy a cable cover for the Slingbox cable that runs from the TV to the Internet router. It just goes right across the floor right now and trips me up nearly every time I try to step over it. How incredibly annoying!

Second, I need to get a new coffee table. I want one with shelves or drawers so I can take all the stuff that usually clutters the top of the table and put it away. That will definitely help make the room look more organized.

And finally, I have a huge bookshelf that needs to be sorted through. There are children’s books that my son has outgrown, as well as old magazines that can be thrown away and old video games that can be sold or traded in.

I used to enjoy my living room, but so much clutter has been creeping in that I can hardly bear to sit in there anymore. Time to get moving on these improvements!

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